"Junk In The Trunk"

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Junk in the trunk….

Are you a jewelry junkie?

Do you surf the web looking for apparel or other items, but somehow always end up on a jewelry websites purchasing jewelry?

When at the mall, is your first stop the jewelry section of the store?

Do you buy jewelry because it’s a WANT and you can’t leave the store without it?

Is your current jewelry stash (armoire, jewelry box, chest, trunk) overflowing with accessories?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then I diagnose you …..AN ACCESSORY ADDICTLet’s face it; jewelry completes the outfit and overall look no matter the occasion. If its earrings, necklaces, purses, bangles or brooches it adds a special flair to your look. Every season there is always a trendy must have accessory, but some of us…. (a-hemmmm, yes youcannot afford to add another item to the Junk pile.  For those trying to de-clutter your stash, I want to give  you some ideas on what to keep and trash( figuratively speakingand for those building your accessory stash, I want to give you a few ideas on what to buy and what to pass over.

For my De-Clutter Diva’here is some tips on Keeping the good stuff and passing the not-so good stuff along:

KEEP: Statement necklaces (tribal necklaces, collars, and longnecklaces), a strand of pearls, diamond earrings, post earrings, gold and silver hoop earrings, 2-3 pairs of chandelier earrings, vintage and estate jewelry.
KEEP BROOCHES (Vintage/ One of a kind)
TRASH: Any item that you have not worn for the last 2 seasons, stop convincing yourself you need this item.
TRASH: Any trendy item that you have only worn once
TRASH: Any item that you once love but you ask yourself “why did I buy this” or “this is ugly, what was I thinking.

For my Newbie Jewelry Collectors, here are your Must haves:

Invest in Pearls, diamond stud earring, gold/silver hoops
A statement ring preferably your favorite color or Birth stone.
Tribal necklace or an Ornamented Necklace
Bangles or Cuffs ( any Style)

The Key to building or De-cluttering is to keep items that are of  quality, timeless, and most important TRES CHIC!

 Below are some of our Favorite Baubles of the season:

Lanvin's Happy Necklace $1,195 Lanvin.com

J.Crew Gem Collage $165

Junkie Rose Earrings $24 luxebabycartel.com

Chloe Geometric Cuff Bracelet $660
Ooak by wasahibot $90 etsy.com